5 Great Gifts to Get a Car Lover

Gift giving is hard. Though some advertisements might say that it’s as easy as picking up a generic gift basket, we all know that if you want to really show your affection, you’re going to have to try harder than that. However, knowing someone’s passion and interests really helps narrow down the search and can point in the direction of a memorable and well-appreciated gift.


Though at first thought, car lovers might be thought as difficult to buy for since cars are expensive and not really a casual gift, there are plenty of associated items that can make wonderful gifts for any occasion.


1.      Miniature Car

You might not be able to afford the Porsche that your friend or family member is lusting over, but chances are, either can he or she. If you know that they are hung up on a specific model, spring for a miniature car replica that they can display on their desk, mantel, or even nightstand to inspire them, and in a way, give them ownership of their dream car. These collection items are high quality and your car lover will appreciate the value and thought that went into this gift. You don’t have to go far to find realistic miniature cars, especially if you do some research online.


2.      A Personalized Custom Plate

In many jurisdictions you can order a custom licence plate for your vehicle. If you know that the car lover in your life has a favourite saying or term, see if you can get that on a plate, or if not, just give them the opportunity to choose their own saying while covering the fees. It’s a gift they can continue to use even if they switch vehicles and is a true sign of a dedicated car lover.


3.      Credit to a Local Car Wash or Detailing Service

Just like a shoe lover wouldn’t trapeze around in dirty kicks, it pains a car lover to drive around in a dirty car. Buy out credits for car washes or deep clean detailing services that they can redeem whenever they want. Keep in mind that some expensive models are only good for touchless or hand-buffing, so get a gauge for what your gift recipient’s preference is before you buy.


4.      Sunglasses

Those who drive around a lot know that the sun can become a nuisance when driving during the day. A nice pair of polarized sunglasses to keep in the car can make all the difference to the comfort of the driver on sunny days. It’s a staple that every driver should have in the console in their car, ready for any kind of conditions. Want extra points? Choose a storage case that is easy to open and close with minimal effort for the driver.


5.      Time at a Track or Exotic Car Rental

There are those who love the cars they own. Then there are people who love the kind of car that they can’t have. Let them experience, even for a little while, what it’s like to be behind the wheel of a race car, muscle car, or whatever kind of vehicle they are into. There are places that will allow you to rent exotic vehicles, and some even allow you to try racing them on a track. This can really be an experience of a lifetime that he or she will reminisce on for years to come.


Popular to common belief, car lovers aren’t really that hard to buy for, even if you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on the car of their dreams. There are plenty of ways to show them that you care for them and their passion with other thoughtful and exciting gifts that give a nod to their affection for cars.


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