Are These The Best Looking Cars of the Past Decade? I certainly think so

It is well known that motor enthusiasts will sit for hours and discuss the merits of the latest cars and technology, and that they will argue their case for the best sports car or off-roader completely ignoring anybody else’s opinion. However, the same enthusiasts will usually agree on whether a car is great to look at or not, and that is generally because you cannot deny what is in front of your eyes. After all, they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; and if that is true, then behold… the most beautiful cars of the last decade.

Jaguar F Type

For many, this car has taken over the title of the most beautiful car in the world, and it has taken over from an illustrious Jaguar predecessor. The E-Type was the car that Enzo Ferrari described as the most beautiful car ever. The F-Type may not have been praised by such an illustrious figure as Enzo, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the most beautiful car in the world either.

Alfa Romeo 4c

Alfa Romeo is world famous for creating some of the most beautiful cars to drive on the open road, and the 4c is no exception. This lightweight sports coupe has some of the most exquisite styling you will ever see, and turns heads where ever it takes to the road. Its incredibly light carbon fiber body may be something new, but the Alfa effect on an admiring public is definitely not. Be careful if you buy one, jealousy is a terrible thing.


Porsche Boxter

The Boxter is the kind of car that polarizes many people, and it is understandable why. The shape has not changed too dramatically over the years, and that makes it slip from people’s memory. However, the latest version has made some changes that have brought it back into the public eye once again. More sweeping than rounded, and with a cabriolet version to die for, the Porsche Boxter is back with a bang.

Range Rover

As much as the previous two are unbelievably beautiful, this classic is unbelievably handsome. The Range Rover has always been a top class performer, but it has now reached superstar status as the classic square shape, which has been used since the original Land Rovers, has been refined with a few subtle curves and a rear that slopes away creating a longer looking body. This is a car that won’t lose its looks no matter how hard it works.

Bentley Continental GT V8 S


The Bentley may not seem a natural choice as a “best looking car”, but that is only if you have never seen one in the flesh. Pictures do no justice to the combination of impressions the car can give. There is a raw power that exudes from this monster car that is a little frightening, but you are soon hit by the combination of style and elegance that all Bentleys seem to have; and all is well with the world again. This is the type of car your mother would like you to own, while your son begs you to let him drive. Is the Bentley a natural choice for my list? Yes, it certainly is.

Whether it is because of the pure grandeur of the Bentley or the incredible lines of the Alfa 4c, these cars are beautiful today and will be beautiful for decades to come. People say that beauty doesn’t last forever, but I beg to differ.

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