Best way to learn your theories before a driving test in the UAE

You might think that passing your practical driving test should have been enough but to earn your license, theory is as much important. In the UAE, the theory tests for getting your license can be as hard as driving the vehicle. In fact, the RTA (Road and Transport Authority) has been making things stricter every year for new applicants.

To be able to sit for your theory test, you need to hold a provisional license. The cost of the test is about 50 AED and you can choose from about 192 languages when sitting for the exam. However, the appointment needs to be done a week before your intended date of the exam. You will find the list of centers on the official RTA website.

The theory test is completely digital and comprises of two sections. The second part of the theory test is the hazard perception section, comprising 14 questions. This section follows immediately after you have answered the multiple-choice section. The second section will comprise looking at a video and spotting a hazard and clicking your mouse whenever you see a danger ahead. There would be many such hazards that you will have to identify. Rightly said, it’s just like a simulation that will judge your knowledge of the vehicle and the road.

Tips to prepare for the driving theory test in the UAE:

  1. Go back to your books: The best material to prepare for the theory test is the handbook produced by RTA. It’s packed with thousands of questions and useful tips. Get your hands on a copy and this should be your manual for the test.
  2. Simulations: There are several websites and apps that offer you simulations for hazard spotting. This will help you scan roads more effectively.
  3. Practice and practice: As will any other test, the more time you devote to preparing for your theory test, the better the chances of your passing. The multiple choice questions will be random and this requires you to be fully informed of the standards. On the day of your test, you should be confident enough to answer any question that comes on the screen. The best way to practice is asking your friends and family to quiz you. They might also give you tips from their own experience of the tests taken.
  4. Mock tests: The Safe Driving for Life website, along with several other mobile apps allows you to take mock theory tests (just the multiple choice part). However, taking this test will help you understand your readiness for the actual test. If you do badly in the mock test, you can always reschedule the final theory test while squeezing some extra days of revisions.

Reach your center at least half an hour before on the day of the test. Carry all the necessary documents and answer your questions with confidence. Best of luck!

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