Dangers of Drinking and Driving in Toledo

Driving your vehicle, motorbike or truck after taking some drugs or consuming alcohol is a crime and is punishable by law. DUI involves operating an automotive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of at least 0.08%. Although this might seem negligent, it may still impair your judgment and result in a range of dangerous situations.

Well, you may say, “What’s the problem. I often drive home safely, and no one gets hurt?” Just because you took alcohol and made it home safely doesn’t mean it is okay to drink and drive. By driving while drunk, you are not only putting your life in danger but also the lives of other road users whom you’ll encounter on your way back home. A 2009 statistics on drunk driving revealed that there were 10,839 fatalities in alcohol-impaired accidents.

Here are some dangers of drinking and driving

Slow reaction time

Alcohol affects how fast you can react to a situation when it arises while driving. For instance, if you are driving along the highway, and an aggressive driver suddenly switches to your lane, or if the driver ahead of you stops suddenly without warning, it will take longer than normal for your brain to process the situation, and by the time you react, it could be too late. So, DUI slows your response time, which can expose you to accident risk.

Reduce concentration

Alcohol will always have an impact on your concentration level. Driving, on the other hand, requires your full attention – you need to focus on staying on your lane, give way, drive at the specified speed, read traffic signals and so on. If your attention span is reduced because of drinking, then you may end up in an accident.

Reduce vision

Excessive drinking can also impair your vision. When drunk, you may realize that your vision isn’t all that clear; you may even be unable to control the movement of your eye. When driving, reduced vision can impact how you judge your distance in relation to other cars and road users or objects.

Poor decision making

Alcohol impairs your judgment, perception, depth and motor skills. Unfortunately, you need all these aspects to be on point to drive safely. It’s easy to assume you are driving the right way when in reality, you are not. Operating a car when sober is challenging, but when you add alcohol or other drugs into the mix, then the whole equation shifts for the worst.

Legal repercussions of DU

Siren sounds and flashing lights, then a man in uniform knocks at the window – you are familiar with the scenario. If an officer pulls you over for suspicious driving and observes that you have slurred speech, strong smell of alcohol or general incoherence, you may have to go through a sobriety test. The police may also request to perform a BAC test. DUI cases in Toledo attract different penalties ranging from fines and driver’s license suspension to intervention programs and jail. Often, you may get one or a combination of all these penalties, depending on whether this is your first offense DUI and if there were other issues. Talking to a Toledo DUI attorney is a great way to gain an understanding of the process, and hopefully, get better outcome for your DUI case.

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