Driving Fun: Benefits of Buying a Compact Sedan

Although some families absolutely need the extra roominess of a full-sized sedan, smaller families may find that a compact sedan is the best option. Here are some of the key benefits of buying a compact sedan. 

Great Gas Mileage

The majority of small sedans on the market have been engineered to deliver great gas mileage. This is a major advantage for the car owners who are on a tight budget. It is not uncommon for a compact sedan to deliver over 35 miles-per-gallon on the highway. 

Cheaper to Maintain

The cost to maintain a vehicle can vary greatly from one vehicle to the next. However, most compact sedans are designed to be as economical as possible. After a new car’s warranty expires, the car owner will have to foot the bill for any repairs that are needed. 

Affordable Price Tag

Today’s consumers understand the importance of saving money. Compact sedans are often thousands of dollars cheaper than a full-sized sedan or SUV. A well-equipped compact sedan can easily be purchased for less than $20,000. Sites such as BuyAToyota actually allow car shoppers to find local deals. 

Easy to Drive

Many drivers love the nimble driving dynamics of a compact sedan. The car’s small stature makes it very easy to maneuver on the road. Small sedans equipped with a sports-tuned suspension are able to deliver an even more entertaining driving experience. 

Peppy Engine

Some people love the thrill of driving a vehicle that has a quick-revving engine under the hood. A lot of test drivers are initially shocked by the fleet-footed nature of a compact sedan. Although the engine may not have tons of horsepower, it delivers just enough potency to move the car’s lightweight chassis. 


Compact sedans can look just as stunning as a luxury car. Although some people may be satisfied with the base trim, the higher level trims typically offer several cosmetic upgrades. Some of the most sought-after upgrades include spoilers, high-performance wheels, a sportier front fascia, and chrome exhaust tips.

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