Getting There: Using In-Dash Navigation vs. Portable GPS Devices

When you’re driving to a new destination and it comes to getting there as quickly and easily as possible you have three options. You can use In-Dash navigation, a portable GPS device, or a smartphone GPS. But which is the best way to navigate?

Portable GPS Devices

There is a wide range of these devices on the market and they can be quite expensive. They vary in quality and the range of their navigation. They also need line-of-site to hook up with satellite, which can be tricky if you’re driving in a city with skyscrapers or a mountainous region. Portable GPS devices can also be dangerous for drivers who are tempted to key in destinations while driving.

Smartphone GPS

These apps tend to be more accurate than portable GPS devices because base maps, like Google maps, are updated more frequently. Many of them are also free. They are dangerous to use however, when you are frequently taking your eyes off the road to check the map. Bear in mind that using your smartphone while you are driving is also illegal.

In-Dash Navigation

An In-Dash navigation system is one that is built into your vehicle’s dashboard. This is the best of the three navigation options for several reasons. Firstly, an In-Dash receiver has built-in GPS guidance, making it more reliable that a smartphone GPS, particularly in areas with spotty cell coverage. Secondly, map updates are released on a regular basis, so you will also have the most up to date information even in areas which are rapidly changing. Thirdly, it’s legal. Because of In-Dash’s Bluetooth capability, it can let you answer your phone at the touch of a button or respond to an incoming text with an automatic message saying “I’m driving. I’ll get back to you shortly.” Furthermore, the screen on an In-Dash system is much larger than a GPS or smartphone, which makes is clear to see as well as safer to use. Once you have In-Dash installed in your Jeep Wrangler you’ll be able to upgrade it to become the hub of your vehicles information and sound system. You can upgrade with:

  • Sirius XM
  • HD radio
  • Pandora
  • USB ports
  • Rear view cameras
  • Upgrades amplifiers and speakers
  • Android and iPhone integration
  • Android Auto
  • Apple’s Car Play

In their infancy, two decades ago, in-car navigation systems were only available for luxury cars, and they were a very expensive addition. These days they are available for any new car (even economy cars), truck or SUV. Factory-installed navigation systems not only help you get around safely, they are theft-resistant and can increase the resale value of your car.

Don’t forget, an In-Dash system isn’t just there to help you arrive at your destination; it can also help you avoid traffic and be alert to accidents when you are traveling. Even if you are a very careful driver, there’s nothing like having a little extra help on your journey.






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