Lightweight Fiberglass Truck Bodies That Match Your Needs

Corrosion of truck load-bays can cut vehicle life off in its prime, especially in coastal areas. Paint thicknesses are not what they used to be, and they can scratch easily through to raw metal. When corrosion takes hold, this can be an expensive task to stop and repair. Especially if we are transporting heavy tools and materials. Fiberglass truck bodies that meet your needs are the ideal workaround to these simple problems.

Fiberglass Truck Bodies That Match Your Needs Solve Even More

The fiberglass truck body industry has come a long way since the first inserts arrived that slotted into load bays. Nowadays, complete modules lock down easily and are tailor-made to various models. You could lock down fiberglass truck bodies that meet your needs throughout your fleet, without needing to drill a single hole for a screw or bolt.

Moreover, each complete semi-body could be fitted out for their particular purpose, and you could interchange them as the military do to curtail the total number of vehicles. The cabs and motors benefit from more regular use, because they are capable of taking on more. That’s another great saving. You have less capital tied up in trucks that you could then use in other areas of your business.

More Advantages Compared to Conventional Vans

Fiberglass is lighter than steel, and cannot rust. Therefore, fiberglass bodies outlast the trucks they rest on, and there is a great fuel saving attached to a lower capital outlay. Moreover, these fiberglass truck bodies that meet your needs in a wide variety of applications can easily transfer to another vehicle when their normal host is in for maintenance or repair.

You also double or triple-up the load capacity of your truck, for considerably less cost than using a conventional, single-purpose van. As an added bonus, when you come to sell or trade-in a vehicle, the load bay could still be in pristine condition with no sign at all of having been used as a workhorse.

Finally, if you have purpose kitted out your fiberglass body with custom shelves, racks, and equipment mounting points, there is no need to repeat the exercise when you change the truck itself for another one. Fiberglass truck bodies that meet your needs are such an obvious solution, one might almost wonder why the motor industry still churns out metal panel vans with designs to rust.

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