Palmer Administrative Services: The Best Aftermarket Vehicle Service Contracts

When you purchase a vehicle, it usually includes a manufacturer’s warranty that covers the expense if something goes awry. You can drive around with peace of mind, knowing that you are covered against the unforeseen. Your warranty usually expires before you are done using the vehicle, though. What happens then?

You can recapture that same peace of mind by investing in an extended service contract from Palmer Administrative Services today. This contract will cover everything your old warranty did and then some. You choose what coverage you need from a list of six options: Basic, Powertrain, Classic, Premier, Royal Select, and Elite Exclusionary. Basic coverage covers only internal engine components, giving you protection against some of the more costly auto repairs for an affordable price. The Elite Exclusionary option is so comprehensive that it specifically lists what isn’t covered rather than what is. The other options fit in between these two extremes, ensuring that you can find a contract ideally suited to your vehicle and budget.

Some companies charge outrageous activation fees and other one-time expenses that put adequate auto protection out of reach for the average person. Palmer takes pride in offering affordable financing on every product they sell, so they have something to offer every prospective client.

Palmer Vehicle Warranties also strives to make the claims process as convenient for you as possible. The contract will be honored by virtually every repair shop across the United States and Canada, so the location of your breakdown does not manner. When you choose a repair shop, simply ask them to contact Palmer to work out payment. You will not be required to pay up front and wait for reimbursement later. There is also no cap on the number of claims you are allowed to make, so there will never be a reason to avoid going through Palmer. Finally, Palmer has the best customer service team in the industry. Any questions you have will be handled professionally and courteously.

Every Palmer Administrative Services aftermarket contract also includes additional benefits beyond paying for car repairs. You get emergency roadside benefits, so you can get a tow when you really need it. You also get access to a rental car while yours is in the shop and a stipend to cover food and lodging if you’re out of town. Peace of mind can go well beyond mere car repairs.

Aftermarket Vehicle Service Contracts With Palmer Administrative Services

Locking yourself out of your car or running out of gas at the most inopportune time thanks to a broken fuel tank are among some of the things that vehicle owners almost never think about when purchasing a vehicle, but absolutely should be thinking about. In many ways, the frequency of these sorts of incidents is exactly why more vehicle owners are opting for extended services contracts such as offered by the likes of Palmer Administrative Services. Extended services or aftermarket vehicle service contracts allow for

About Palmer Administrative Services

Palmer Administrative Services is a leading brand in a growing aftermarket vehicle service industry and with good reason. Palmer Administrative auto protection plans are flexible, have an easy claims process, and come complete with sufficient, high-quality customer service support. There are six plans to choose from, including, Basic, Powertrain, Classic, Premier, Royal Select, and Elite Exclusionary plans (ranked in order of the plan with the least amount of benefits to the one with the most).

Each auto protection plan from Palmer Administrative Services has a special set of benefits that prospective clients can choose from. The Basic package, for example, will only include aftermarket care services that pertain to engine failure. The auto protection plan that has the most benefits – Elite Exclusionary – has benefits that include everything from the engine and water pumps to electrical and comprehensive systems.

The Many Other Benefits of Palmer Administrative Services’ Products and Services

  1. Cheaper financing and comprehensive insurance

Palmer Administrative Services is the only warranty company that does its own financing. As such, customers are able to save thousands of dollars in fees while being fully backed by insurance. Unsurprisingly, the pricing of plans is also highly competitive.

  1. Strong customer service

The customer care staff at Palmer Administrative Services is very knowledgeable in addition to being supportive. As such, customers can expect reliable and high-quality service. they build long-term relationships with their customers and have a superior claims department to its competitors.

  1. One stop shop services

One of the best things about Palmer Administrative Services is the fact that they provide all the services they offer their clients in one place. As such, there is no need for a client to contact one company for claims, one for customer service, one for financing, and so forth. Instead, all the information that is needed is available right then and there in one place. With one phone call, enquiring clients can get all the information they seek.

  1. Tried and true record

A company with a good reputation is worth its weight in gold, and Palmer Administrative is just that. The company has been in business for over 30 years and has been on top of their game since its inception. There is simply no beating three decades of excellence.

Getting Started

You can get started using Palmer Administrative Services by visiting the official website and hitting the get started today button. Of course, prospective customers can get more information on Palmer Administrative’s services and products via telephone or email at (800) 599-9557 or There is also the option of using the quick contact email form on the contact page of the Palmer Administrative Services, Inc website.

While it is true that some shady operators offer extended vehicle service contracts, Palmer is not among them. They have over 30 years of experience in the extended service contract industry, and plenty of past and present customers who can vouch for them. Palmer also enjoys an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, proving that they are worthy of your trust.

If you are ready to learn what Palmer Administrative Services can do for you, call them at 800-599-9557 or visit them online at Alternatively, you can use the company’s contact form to ask any questions you have via email. You will be happy you did when you can drive around without worrying about catastrophic repair costs!

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