Perfect Gift Ideas When Attending a Housewarming Party

There was once a time when attending a housewarming party meant bringing a toaster, a kettle, or even a new refrigerator or lounge suite! However, with modern times, more and more hosts are asking their guests not to bring anything at all.

However, for those of us who were brought up to always bring a gift to a party, below are some great ideas for gifts to bring when you’re told not to bring anything at all.

A Bread Basket

While your guest is likely to have a regular loaf of bread in their pantry, treat them to a gift basket of artisanal bread from a local gourmet bread store for them to taste. Include some select spreads such as jam jelly or even a lemon spread to tantalize their taste buds. An additional benefit to this gift is that, because you purchased it from a store local to them, it works as a great introduction to new services in their area.


Who doesn’t like chocolates? Everybody likes chocolate! That’s why it makes for a fool proof house warming gift. However, it isn’t advisable to just bring a few blocks of chocolate and hand them to your guest. Instead, check out the Groupon Coupons page for Shari’s Berries and order a pre-prepared fruit and chocolate platter or gift basket to give to your host.

An Empty Vase

No, this one isn’t a joke. Think about how many people are going to be at the house warming and how many people are going to bring the hosts a bunch of flowers without a vase. And, as you can imagine, in a new house, there aren’t always vases to spare. This is why a vase makes for a great housewarming gift because it not only helps the host solve an immediate problem on the night but they can use it long-term and always think of you in a positive way when they do.


Do you know what a new homeowner doesn’t want to do after they have just unpacked all of their household items and put them away? Clean. This presents the perfect gift opportunity. If they have a large front lawn, provide them with a prepaid lawn care service. If their new home has a pool which needs to be cleaned first, buy them a pool cleaning service. If it is within your budget, buy them an appointment for a full house cleaning. If a full clean of their home is out of your budget, consider speaking with friends about a great group gift.

It can be difficult to bring somebody a housewarming gift when you know that they want one, let alone bringing a gift which somebody asked you not to. However, these ideas are more helpful gifts than luxury gifts, giving them a special meaning and will be received. So the next time that you have a house warming party to attend and are told not to bring anything, don’t be afraid to bring out this list.

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