Prepare your garage for winter

The summer may be coming to an end and the autumn starting to arrive but that does not mean you cannot still get out and enjoy your time in the garden and do essential home repairs and clearing.

However, before you know it winter will be here and this can cause problems for garage owners across the UK with problems accessing your garage or items inside getting too cold or alternatively damaged by floods.

Many homeowners will always considering making changes to their home prior to the winter months to ensure safe survival and warm living. This could be replacing duvet covers, putting the heating on to higher automatic setting or something personal. Many will however not worry about their garage.

Currently, there is little available online about how to protect your garage from the harshest of elements, but leading concrete garage specialist Dencroft Garages have come up with a few tips and ideas which could help your garage and the items inside it withstand the change in temperature better.

Clearing out the gutters and gullies

Roofers often warn us of cleaning our guttering before the winter comes as water can form ice and eventually break the guttering. Now some garages will not have guttering but if yours does, you need to remove leaves periodically throughout the year. This is more important before the autumn arrives as more leaves fall. This can lead to water being unable to run off the garage roof and thus potentially causing damp patches inside the building.

Many garages feature a rain gulley at the front which prevents water from entering the garage under the door. Some doors such as the sectional and the roller have seals at the bottom which also prevents water access in. Either way, ensuring this gulley or seal is free of leaves, moss and other rubbish which could prevent water from draining away effectively must be removed. If you are unsure how to do this, guides can be found online, although it usually means getting on your hands and knees and physically removing them, or water jetting the gulley.

Insulating the garage door

For some people, they like to keep their garage warmer during the winter. This might be because they store items in there which they use on a daily basis or because the garage is connected to the house and they want to eliminate heat loss. An insulated garage door has up to 42mm of insulation, with the Hörmann LPU offering great insulation capabilities and is effective at preventing the cool air from entering the building.

This can be particularly important if you have external appliances that must work within certain temperatures, such as a tumble dryer, or you store vehicles in the garage that you do not use all year and you do not want to freeze up during the cooler months.

Checking the opening and closing operators

Not being able to get into your garage can also be a huge problem in the winter as operating systems jam up due to the cold weather. Making sure your system is well lubricated or any small problems are sorted now should allow for smooth opening throughout the winter months. If you are unsure about this, checking with a garage specialist could well be worthwhile as a small fee to repair the locking system now could prevent your garage door being unable to close in the winter leaving all the contents vulnerable to theft.

These are just a few ideas which could make the ease of use of your garage easier during the winter months. A simple 30 minute check now could save you financial costs in the future.

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