Solutions for Catastrophic Engine Failure in Late-Model Dodge/Chrysler Vehicles

Car owners and enthusiasts no longer have to part ways with their beloved Chargers and Jeeps at the first signs of engine failure. A US-based engine rebuilding company has found a cheap and easy solution.

Powertrain Products of Stevensville has launched their “We Fix Dodge’s Mistakes” campaign, which highlights the ingenious work of the company’s top-ranked mechanical and drivetrain engineers to correct factory faults at a fraction of the price of a Dodge dealership.

Engine problems are showing up in Dodge and Chrysler cars at about the 75,000 mile reading. Let’s face it, everybody expects the engine to run smoothly for at least 200,000 miles, which it doesn’t,” said Eddie Symonds, Powertrain Products CEO. “We consider this as a very early failure.”

Many car owners and enthusiasts are finding that late and popular Dodge and Chrysler models, such as the Durango, Dakota, Ram, Charger, Chrysler 300, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Jeep Liberty, are having premature and severe (V6 3.7, V8 4.7 and 5.7) engine troubles. Unfortunately, their three-year warranty has expired and these car owners must replace the failing engine or buy a whole new car—until now.

Car owners now have the opportunity for a more cost-effective way to replace the broken drivetrain with rebuilt engine replacements, effectively salvaging their initial investment and keeping it on the road for many more years – and most important, more miles, thanks to Powertrain Products,” Symonds said.

The company’s engineers have dismantled and examined thousands of Dodge and Chrysler engines to discover there are two main problems with the engines: engineering flaws with valve sets and piston ring landings.

In the manufacturer’s original design, the engine’s valve seats, which are pressed into the cylinder heads, can drop, leading to catastrophic failures. Dodge’s valve seats are made of a powdered metal. As the metal expands, the valve seats drop, leading to contact with the valve and pistons. When this occurs, the seat breaks into many pieces leading to piston, cylinder wall, valve, and cylinder head failure. This metal has also been known to fly back into the intake manifold, and if not cleaned out properly, can lead to a failure in both new and replacement engines.

These engines invariably run at a higher than normal combustion-chamber temperature because of an engineering flaw in the piston ring landings. This, in conjunction with smaller than feasible drain back holes in the heads and block, create a “frying pan” effect by breaking down new oil faster and leaving sludge in the engine, which ultimately gets blocked. This leads to oil-starvation and absolute failure of the engine.

In addition to fixing these two primary issues, Powertrain Products’ engineers fix every known factory fault, updating cylinder heads, using re-engineered pistons, rings, bearings, and seals. The engine is taken apart, checked for cracks, straightness, and that all specifications are met. It is bored, machined, reassembled, and tested to deliver an essentially brand new engine.

These completely rebuilt and upgraded Dodge and Chrysler engines cost as little as $1,500—which can be as much as 50 percent less than the cost a car owner could expect to pay at the dealership. As an added bonus, Powertrain Products’ warranty on the rebuilt engine last four years and one million miles with parts and labor coverage standard.

That’s a comfortable and reliable ride that every Dodge or Chrysler owner is desperately seeking.

We are not another corporate monster,” said Symonds, whose company rebuilds faulty Ford and Mazda engines, among others. “We strive to help our customers to get back up and running as soon as possible.”

About Powertrain Products, Inc.:

Powertrain Products, Inc. is one of the United States leading suppliers of rebuilt, used, and surplus engines; transmissions; transfer cases; cylinder heads; and differentials. The small business is manned by drivetrain professionals with more than 75 years of in-house experience in the replacement drivetrain industry.

Toll Free: 888-842-0023


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