Top Tips for Passing your MOT

Did you know that around 40% of cars fail the MOT the first time? The percentage of failures is even higher for vans, with around 50% failing the MOT the first time. These figures were supplied by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), the government body that is in charge of MOT testing. However, if you just take a little time to check your vehicle before it has an MOT test, you may not be among the figures of those that fail the MOT the first time.

First of all, and the simplest thing to do, is to clean your car, inside and out as a tester can refuse to test a car which is not clean inside. Then you would automatically have to have the car tested again which is a waste of time and money.

Check the tyres

You need to check the tread on your tyres, and remember that the minimum legal requirement for all-round tread is 1.6mm. As this is the absolute minimum, you should have new tyres fitted well before this limit is reached. You also need to ensure that the tyres conform to the pressure regulations.

Check all the lights

Make sure that all lights, including indicators are working properly. It’s easy enough to fit a new bulb, and also check that the casing is intact. While driving at night you should have noticed if the headlights need realigning, and if they do, have this done before the MOT test.

Windscreen area

You should replace damaged wiper blades, check that the screen wash is working and full. Large cracks in the windscreen will be unacceptable to the tester, so replace it if necessary. While in the car, sound the horn and make certain that it works.

Shop around for MOT deals

Shop around and find out the best place to have your MOT carried out – check out Mr Clutch! As it is wise to have your vehicle serviced regularly have one done before the test. If your car needs a major service and you take it to an MOT testing centre, you may be able to negotiate a free or perhaps a discounted MOT test.

Remember that it is the owner of the vehicle’s responsibility to have a valid MOT certificate and there will be no reminders of the date by which your vehicle must renew the MOT. Don’t leave it until the last minute to have your car checked as you may not pass the MOT test the first time. Repairs might be required, and these take time. It is illegal to drive on a public road without a valid MOT.

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