What’s the Best Used BMW You Can Buy?

BMW have a very long history of making truly excellent cars, which means that even if you’re looking for a used one, there are a lot of strong candidates to choose from, whether you want style, performance or individuality. We’re going to take a look at three here, depending on how far your budget stretches.


1994 850csi

At the lower end of the range, we’re going to go with the 8 Series from the nineties. It’s an unmistakable coupe, with a long, wedge-shaped profile and pop-up headlights. You can spend just a few grand getting hold of one of these, and you can easily go for months without passing another one. This is a great choice for something unique, but petrol-heads will also love the available engines. The V12 is of course the pick of them, and while it’s not quite as powerful as more modern sports coupes, it makes a fantastic noise. This is a seriously cool car for those who like to stand out, and has real road presence too.


2004 M3

The M3 is an iconic performance car – there’s no question. It is the standard to which many other road-going sports cars are held, and with good reason. Whichever model you pick, from whichever year, you’ll find a fantastic car with bags of power and extremely sharp handling. An E46 M3 in excellent condition can be yours for less than the price of a new eco-hatchback, and will be infinitely more fun. There will be a lot to choose from; and luckily they’re readily available online. If you’re purchasing one though, ensure it’s mechanically checked (like the service AA Cars offer), because there are some poor quality models around, and it could potentially set you back thousands of pounds.


2006 M5 SMG

Few cars hold their value like the M5, but then few cars are as special. If your budget stretches to around £15-20k, you can look at the E60 model. This one is powered by a monstrous 5.0-litre V10 and has 500bhp. At the time of release, it was the fastest four-door car available anywhere in the world, and has truly awesome handling for a car of its size. Buying one of these is almost an investment opportunity, given that even 15-year-old M5s are worth thousands. You will not be disappointed.

So there you have it, three BMWs that are perfect for you, just select the one that’s best for your budget. 

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