Why You Should Trade in Your Van for a Pick-Up Truck

Vans have amazing utility. Many companies use them to transport equipment, tools, safely store valuables, and get people from point A to point B. They are large, secure, and provide value to those who use them, from music bands, electricians, retail stores, and more.


However, a truck is a much better option for almost everyone who thinks they need a van. Why? Well, it’s actually quite simple.


Pick Up Trucks Are More Versatile

This is the number one reason for which a pickup truck will win during a side by side comparison with a van. A pick-up truck can be used in both a personal and professional situation, can be outfitted for a number of uses, and can deal with oversized loads better.


More Continuity

If your van breaks down, you need to remove all the stuff that you have inside, even if it’s already organized in your customized interior, and move it into a replacement vehicle. Call a specialist manufacturer of transferable truck bodies to discover how quickly you can remove the body, as it is, and move it onto a replacement vehicle. Whatever you invest into your “body”, you can take with you, even your vehicle is permanently switched out for another. This means more flexibility within your fleet, because if you need to have a regular pickup truck you have one, if you need a van, you have one too.


More Power

Vans are fine if you are driving in moderate urban conditions. However, once you hit the more “wild” weather or roads, you will need a little more power, something that vans are not known for. Conquer every terrain with a pickup truck that can also safely store and transport all the things you need.


More Comfortable

Vans require you to either use the sliding side doors or use the double swinging ones in the back. A pick up truck is much more comfortable for putting things into and taking out from. A truck body allows for quick access from the sides if needed, or customized to whatever works for you, all while allowing you to lock up and prevent theft.


More Customizable

There is only so much that you can do with a van, other than paint it, apply some decals, and install some storage inside. However, doesn’t that sound like a bit of a poor investment since you can’t take those things with you when you get a new vehicle? A truck body can be made custom to your needs, with the appropriate arrangement, storage spaces, access and more. Since it’s a removable and transferable thing, the investment is much better as you can use it even after you vehicle’s life is over.


Towing Potential

With the horsepower of a pickup truck, on top of having a truck body, you can also probably hook up a light trailer, something that a van could not handle. Instead of getting two vehicles, let the one truck pull all the stuff you need with just the one engine. If you see yourself potentially expanding your needs without being able to get more vehicles in your fleet, or have irregularly shaped things that you can’t fit inside the body of a van or truck, being able to install a hack and potentially tow is something that you can’t look over.


Are you convinced yet? Even if a pickup truck is initially a little more expensive than the van you had in mind, there is so much more that you can get out of a truck paired with a transferable truck body. From transporting equipment to even housing an operations center, a truck is a much more versatile and valuable option than the typical utility van.


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