The Best Way To Buy A Car If You’re A Millennial

Millennials have alternative ways of doing a lot of things these days, why should car buying be any different. Looking for a new or used car with the latest technology, amazing gas mileage, something totally economical and safe is easy when you use a killer car buying guide. The best car buying guides are within the largest online automotive marketplace, because how else would you buy a car? Online automotive marketplaces really are the best place to find an extensive list of new and used cars, as well as car payment estimators, cool apps with car buying power, and every other ounce of information you’ll need to get the best deal ever.

Find The Car You Want

You can find the car you want online anytime of day anytime you want to look just by going to They offer the most comprehensive list of technologically savvy cars that will also save you money on gas. Whether you’re looking for an electric or hybrid, something sporty, or just a reliable mid-size car, has reviews and ratings on every car available to date. You can research car models before you even browse cars for sale, sale by owner, or used cars. You can also research dealers once you find the car you love to see just where you should be shopping for it in your area.

Estimate Your Cost

One of the most important thing to a Millennial can be budget, and gives you the tools you need to estimate true value, cost and payment prices. There’s nothing worse than looking at the sticker price on a car and finding out that it’s out of your monthly payment range due to state taxes and license fees. can help you figure out your ideal price per month, so you can drive the car home that you want – not something the dealer forced you into. You can also use to estimate the current market price for a car you are trading in or one you are looking to buy, so you know the true value and black book price of the car.

There’s An App For Everything Dealership

One thing the Millennial knows is that there truly is an app for everything, which is why once you are armed with the true value of your car you can hit the dealership knowing you won’t be swindled. on the go is available for both iPhone and Android, and puts real Millennial buying power right in your hands 24-7. With the app you can visit any dealership, check out a boat load of cars you love, scan the VIN and get instant pricing information without the haggling salesman. You can also use the pricing information to do instant comparisons to nearby inventory, so you really know you’re getting the right price. Not happy with the price? No problem. Walk away and on the go will send you push notifications when the price on the car you love falls. That’s truly the best way to get the best deal on any car – ever.

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