Would You Be Better off With a Supermini? Here are 5 Reasons You Probably Would Be

They say the best things come in small packages, and this can include your choice in your vehicle too. There are some beautiful SUVs you can buy, and sports cars can be a joy to drive through a country lane, but no matter what type of driving you do, whether it is around a city, on motorways, or through the countryside, one of the superminis that are available could easily be your best choice of motor; here are a few reasons why

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is import on several levels; there is the obvious benefit of the savings that can be made in your monthly fuel bills, but there is also the savings to be made in burning up our raw oil supplies, and the amount of emissions per mile you travel to consider. Great leaps are being made in all size cars, but every advance made is magnified by the diminutive size of a super mini. Cars like the Chrysler Ypsilon supermini will give you a return of over 74 mpg, and that kind of mileage, while still giving you all the enjoyment you could want, cannot be ignored.



Ever since the days of the original Mini, owners of small cars have appreciated the fun of driving them. Not all small cars can handle the cornering and acceleration of these little cars, but if you buy one that can, you will be driving a car that lets you enjoy a thrill that only these little pocket rockets can give. They may not be as fast as a Bugatti or have the cornering of a Porsche 911, but as a combination of thrills, they are hard to beat.


There can be no denying the benefit of being able to maneuver a car into a small space. There is a lack of parking spaces in our cities and towns, and this makes the appeal of a small car obvious to everybody, and more people are buying them because of this. The Fiat 500 turbo has a wheelbase of only 139 inches, so driving something like this means that you will no longer have to spend hours passing spaces that are too small for your car; you can simply pop a smaller car into the space that is available.



Traditionally, small cars have been much less expensive than their bigger counterparts, and though it is possible to have upgraded engines, suspension, transmissions, etc., this does not mean that they have become too expensive for the average driver to afford. You can buy a great little motor like the Kia Picanto for prices starting at around £8,000; and that is a bargain in anybody’s book.


When you combine all of these positive attributes, and take into consideration others like the availability of 4 wheel drive, and the load space available in cars like the Honda Jazz, it shows how completely practical buying a smaller car can be.

Just because a car is small, it does not mean that it is not excellent value. Buying a supermini can be a great choice on so many levels that ignoring the option could be the worse thing that you do.

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